Trading Eagles Consignments of Scouting Memorabilia and Collectibles:

Trading Eagles Consignments pages sell Scouting Memorabilia and Collectibles for Collectors.

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Request a consignment agreement for your Memorabilia items by emailing Mark at

Highlights of  Trading Eagles Consignments Terms:

There are 12 bullet items to our Trading Eagles Consignments that you are to agree to and you are required to send your collection to me for identifying and categorizing. Owner ship of your collection remains with you.

When selling scout memorabilia the three most important things to remember are condition, catalog type and total amount produced. Therefore, used items do not sell or they sell at a much lower market price. Also, you need to know that most activity patches produced after 1970 sell in the $.25 – $.50 range. They also take more than 150 days to sell and can take up to years to find the right buyer.

Damaged items do not sell. 

Your memorabilia is marketed on for a period of 150 days. I attend 5 – 7 trade-o-rees a year and take Consignment items. 

You MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD OR OLDER to sign my consignment contract. Under 18 years old must have your parents sign the agreement with you.

What happens to Consignment Items when the Contract Expires:

After 150 days your contract expires. You will need to decide how to dispose of the unsold items. Therefore, your options are: 1) I’ll make you an offer. 2) You donate the remaining items to young scouts by authorizing me to give them away.  3) I’ll ship the items back to you at your cost for shipping. 4) I will offer to extend your contract for a mutually agreed upon time.

As well, Customers wanting to trade or make a price offer on consigned items, I cannot accept the price changes or trades without the owner’s permission.

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