A Scout Memorabilia Dealer A Scout Memorabilia Dealer is owned and operated by Mark E. James an Eagle Scout, Woodbadge Scouter and Vigil Honors in the Order of the Arrow with over 54 years service. Mr. James is a member of ISCA, International Scouting Collectors Association, member number 6092. Goal

Tradingeagles’ goal is to return unwanted Scouting Memorabilia back to Scout and Scouter collectors. Thus, preserving Scouting memorabilia and the Scouting history. We are located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Arlington, Texas. A Scout Memorabilia Dealer strives to adhere to the International Scouting Collectors Association Ethics Policy which is:

I will:
Set an example in which all ISCA members will take pride
Consciously, fairly represent items of Scout memorabilia
Always follow the rules of the event that apply to trading

Extend the hand of friendship to all collectors
Trade or sell no patch that I know to be a fake or reproduction without disclosing the fact
Help new collectors get started
Impress on new collectors the importance of ethics in trading
Currently be eligible to be registered in Scouting
Strive for fairness in all actions consistent with the Scout Oath & Law

Core Business Values A Scout Memorabilia Dealer believes it is important to be fair in our offers and in our purchases of Scouting Memorabilia. Therefore, our core business values will ensure that we develop those partnerships.

  • Complete Honesty and Integrity at all times is our way of life.
  • Our customers are the real value in, and will be treated, as we would expect to be treated.
  • Every customer is our key customer.
  • We will be there to provide the support to our customers and will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • We will give our best effort to every customer.