Trade-O-Rees, (or TOR’s) are events that gives an opportunity to buy, sell and trade Boy Scout and Girl Scout memorabilia.

At a Trade-O-Ree a Scout Memorabilia Collector will acquire new items for their collection.

A new collector will have the opportunity to start a collection of their own.

A Trade-O-Ree is a great way to meet new and old friends and learn about our hobby.

There are Trade-O-Rees being held all across the country, between August to June each year in cities from Lompoc to Dallas, Pittsburgh. As well as, Las Vegas to Tampa. TORs are held at hall, hotel banquet room, national guard armory, college or church gym.

The TORs are sponsored by Scout Troops, Scout Councils, collector associations or Memorabilia Dealers.

Merit Badge Opportunity

TORs offer the Collections merit badge for the Scouts needing an elective merit badge. Therefore, Scoutmasters bring your new Scouts, great way to introduce a new Scout to merit badges. Not to mention you will improve your Advancement score for your Units Journey To Excellence Award. Actually, bring your whole Troop!

New Collectors

You are a new collector and cannot decide what to collect, NOT A PROBLEM! We might suggest:

There is a fee for tables to display your memorabilia, $10.00 – $80.00 per table. As well as an entrance fee, usually from $1.00 – $5.00 per person, although at some TORs there is no charge for a Scout that attends in uniform.

I included a link for you to locate a Trade-O-Ree in your area. Interested in starting a collection a TORs is the place for you to go.

See you there, Tradingeagles will be there!


Boy Scout Trade-O-Rees Calendar