The International Scouting Collectors Association (ISCA) is a non-profit organization. ISCA promotes the historical education of the Scouting Movement through collecting and trading of Scout memorabilia.

International Scouting Collectors Association, ISCA, promotes collecting and trading by publishing of a quarterly newsletter. ISCA also promotes through the world wide web on it’s website, Also, ISCA holds educational seminars on the history of Scouting through memorabilia and sponsors trade-o-rees and other events to promote collecting.

Tradingeagles as a member of the International Scouting Collectors Association,

As such, I have signed a statement subscribing to fair trading among its members through the International Scouting Collectors Association’s Code of Ethics.

International Scouting Collectors Association’s Code of Ethics

           I   will:

           S  et an example in which all ISCA members will take prides.

           C  onsciously, fairly represent items of Scout memorabilia.

           A  lways follow the rules of the event that apply to trading.

           E  xtend the hand of friendship to all Collectors.

           T  rade or sell no patch that I know to be a fake or reproduction without disclosing that fact.

           H  elp new collectors get started.

           I  mpress on new collectors the importance of ethics in trading.

           C  urrently be eligible to be registered in Scouting.

           S  trive for fairness in all actions consistent with the Scout Oath & Law.

Therefore, as a member of ISCA I support the organization and will adhere to this code of ethics both in my trades and sells.

Also, I encourage you to join ISCA click on this link for a paper application:  ISCA membership application or  go to an on line application.

Annual dues

$10 1 Year – Domestic and Foreign
$45 1 Year w/mailed Journal – USA/ Canada/ Mexico
$70 1 Year w/mailed Journal – Overseas

Life Members Only
$35 1 Year mailed Journal

Mark E. James

Member #6092