7 – Boy Scout Position Insignia Patches and Pins

7 – Boy Scout Position Insignia Patches and Pins show the organizational structure of the Scouts and focus on leadership. Therefore, these insignia recognize the leadership of a Scout or Leader. Position Insignia are divided into two types: Adult Position Insignia and Youth Position Insignia. Adult Positions are classified two types; Volunteer and Professional Insignia.

Youth Positions

Boy Scout Position Insignia Patches and Pins for Youth are part of the Troop Boy Leadership. Positions include Senior Patrol Leader (& Assistant), Patrol Leader, Bugler, Scribe, Historian and other positions. Patches dated in the teens and twenties were a combination rank / position patch for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. They used silver embroidery to denote Patrol Leader status, and could also be combined with Bugler or Scribe Insignia.

Additional Youth Insignia include leadership positions for Order of the Arrow officers, Air, Sea, Explorer, Venture and Varsity Scouting Programs. There are lapel and hat Position Pins for the earlier Positions.

Adult Scout Positions

Position Insignia Patches and Pins for Adults are divided in two categories: Volunteer and Professional Positions.

Volunteer Adult Scout Positions

Volunteer Insignia are for adults who volunteer in Scouting, they are typically parents of Scouts and serve at the Unit level. Also, there are Volunteer Adult positions in the Districts and Councils.

Professional Adult Scout Positions

Professional Insignia are worn by Adult Scouters who work full time for the Boy Scouts of America. These are District, Council, Regional, and National level Scouting Executives. Thus most Insignia patches with a Scout Emblem surrounded by a wreath are related to a Professional Scouter.