1 – Clearance memorabilia items by tradingeagles.com are acquired from other collectors.

Clearance items are posted until sold or given to scouts interested in collections.  Therefore check back regularly for availability.

Remember, do not let these 1 – Clearance memorabilia get away.  Don’t lose this opportunity by letting another collector make the purchase.

Tradingeagles goal is to preserve memorabilia and to pass on its history. Therefore, to preserve the history of an item it will not be destroyed. 

A clearance is a special type of sale. It will attract customers unlike traditional sales. Clearance is  used to reduce inventory on items.  

Unlike a sale, the regular price of a clearance item will not increase. The price of a clearance item will be lowered over time. Unsold clearance items will be given away at Trade–O-Rees.

Likewise, for more information Scouting memorabilia go to http://www.scouttrader.org/collecting/

Therefore, all Scouts check out the Collections Merit badge at https://boyscouttrail.com/boy-scouts/meritbadges/collections-merit-badge.asp

Likewise, learn more about Boy Scout history at https://boyscouttrail.com/boy-scouts/meritbadges/scouting-heritage-merit-badge.asp