Firecrafter is a service organization within the Boy Scouts of America. Formed in 1920, this Organization operates within the Crossroads of America Council, Indiana. It is known to exist in Illinois and Texas. 

There are three camp ranks earned by Scouts when they met the standards of each rank. These are: Camper, Woodsman, and Firecrafter. Webelos Scouts earn the awards of Webelos Camper and Firelight.

When youth Firecrafters distinguish themselves with excellent service, they become candidates for the honor of Minisino.

Thus, a patch and wallet-size membership card are issued to the holders of teach rank. The Firecrafter and Minisino wear their Firecrafter or Minisino shirts as their official uniform at Firecrafter events.

The basic emblem is a three inch blue disc. A red “C” with the Webelos emblem is the Webelos Camper.  A red “C” surrounding an Arrow of Light is the Webelos Firelight. An emblem with a red “C” is the Camper. Adding a yellow teepee added is the Woodsman. When a red fire is added is the Firecrafter. And a green “M” added is the Minisino rank.

The honorary rank of  Minisino. Derived from a Miami Indian word meaning “Tried and Proven”.

The members use a special signature that is followed by three capital X letters. Minisinos preceded by an underlined M. Therefore, these signatures are used only on documents relating to Firecrafter and Scouting.

Therefore, Special nameplates recognize officers and advisers.

Some of these organization still exists today. Most have transition into an Order of the Arrow Lodge. The Order of the Arrow Lodge provides service to the Council Camps. They conduct programs and projects to improve the camps.